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Camel Race Tracks

Adding class to sports & leisure

We are renowned for our massive Camel Race Tracks – Al Shahaniya & Al Shamaliya on the whole of Qatar. These are the only hubs for Camel Races that exist in the entire Qatar, which was exclusively planned, designed, constructed and even maintained by Al Baida. Our expertise in Camel Race Tracks since 2011 is a great gravity for a lot more prospects in the future, as this is a legacy that is treasured by the Arabs since ages. Services
  • Planning and designing the Camel Race Tracks
  • Planning and designing the allied road along the tracks
  • Implantation of lamp posts along the tracks
  • Construction of the race tracks and roads
  • Maintenance of the tracks, road and entire arena
Activities of Maintenance
  • Loosening the sand by grader and tractor
  • Cleaning the race tracks
  • Preparation of tracks before race