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Agriculture and Trading

Way to a greener galaxy

The world is nothing with no pastures and peasants. Agriculture is the sole reason for our very existence.


  • Production
  • Trading
  • Irrigation system
  • Excavation

We are immensely proud to be the investor and developer of Um Guilina for the cultivation of green fodder, which is one of Qatar’s most precious projects owned by the Ministry of Municipality & Environment. Having accomplished this project makes us feel that we could break any barriers that would restrain us from our dreams. We are the sole distributor of every kind of agricultural products for more than 5 international companies.

We have attained a greater reputation for accomplishing the government’s vision through our adept skill and strategies.

Our Potential Agriculture Partner 


Al Baida Technical Services is a cardinal distributor for one of the largest Fertilizer Company ‘Gubretas’ in Turkey.

Gubretas was founded in 1952 catering to the fertilizer needs of the Turkish agricultural industry. Having been a predominant organization in Turkey’s top 50 largest industries, it owns a rich product portfolio in meeting the nutritional requirement of crops.

Top- seller products

  • Solid, water-soluble organic fertilizers
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Soil conditioners

S&W Seed Company

We are an accredited dealer for one of the leading agricultural organizations, ‘S&W’ in Qatar.

S&W is one of it’s kind in the agricultural market, in practicing the most nourishing techniques for greater production. Their expertise in this field makes them an exceptional firm for maximum yield with superior traits.

Agricultural Services

  • Agricultural breeding
  • Production and processing of crops

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