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Al Baida has built and maintained its name with its rich legacy as a trustable supplier for Civil Works, Engineering Consultation , General Contracting, Heavy Equipment Rental & infrastructure.


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Al Baida has built and maintained its name with its rich legacy as a trustable supplier for Civil Works, Engineering Consultation, General Contracting, Heavy Equipment Rental & infrastructure.Since its establishment on 1970. AL-Baida Contracting division is grade A contracting company and one of the leading construction company in the State of Qatar.With over 1800 professionals, laborers, and employees, Al Baida contracting company is most preferred for National and International clients who are seeking for efficiency, cost effective, researched and best joined venture, profitability and for all its services in Qatar.

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Agriculture Development

Being one of the main components of economic development in the country, the agricultural sector in the State of Qatar is getting a lot of attention from the government, who has been working hard to remove natural obstacles that impede horizontal extension of agriculture by supporting farmers and encouraging national investments in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural activity in Qatar focuses on developing the land with modern irrigation systems, categorizing farms, bettering the quality of agricultural production, introducing modern scientific and technological techniques such as protected and intensive farming in production operations, diversifying farming production patterns, monitoring mechanisms and enhancing guidance and organizational development.Al Baida has been awarded new 15 years contract to develop land for animal feed.

A lot have been achieved recently in the agricultural sector including: implementing the agricultural census project, designing and establishment an irrigation network in Al Khor Park, producing various saplings, developing subterranean water monitoring well network, developing the first phase of Roudat Al Faras Farm project, supporting plant nurseries, supplying the municipalities and government departments with saplings, spreading, implementing and maintaining modern irrigation networks and continuing various greenery and afforestation works

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