Al Baida Group Overview​

Al Baida Group is 100% national private capital that reveals the aims of Al Baida Group on its continual improvement and growth. Al Baida Group entertains vast experience, unique business model and industrial diversified sectors. Al Baida Group enriches its clients with sustainable growth and investment since 1970s.

Al Baida Group reputation is measured by its performance and customer satisfaction through various commercial sectors that ranging from infrastructure projects to FMCG trading, therefore Al Baida Group core responsibility is to add value to any venture and business contribution.

Chairman Message

Trailing back from over 3 decades, Al Baida Group has been a leading market player with a global as well as regional coverage for its services. Apparently, we have been a market leader in various sectors In Qatar and lead a world-class International investment community.Our extensive services span about various business channels—from engineering consultancy, construction, heavy equipment rental, logistics, freight forwarding, real estate, customs clearance, infrastructure, and consumer products.Over the top, we intend to expand and operate in various other core sectors, where we get the trust of the consumer.With complete consumer-centric Administration and workflow, the focus priority Is on joint ventures. While we align our vision with that of Qatar’s Vision of becoming an international business hub, we take the honor to become your trusted partner for new business opportunities, that includes both the service division and the proper management administration.

As a perk, Al Baida will continue to honor our partners and clients and instill a sense of confidence that their portfolio is being managed at par with the international standards.from the management pointer view, you have this incredible ability to forge strong partnerships with many of the World’s most prestigious and respected companies.

With this key factor, we have envisioned to be the unique domain that operates with best practice, efficiency, and quality offered with creative solutions and satisfaction while maintaining sustainable growth.

As a group, we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility in all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered.

We believe that this approach, driven by our Principles of respect, rigor, and involvement, makes us more responsible and successful.

On a final note, on behalf of the Al Baida group, I take this opportunity to open our channel to form the strategic partnership with international companies, while contributing to Qatar become a key business and trade hub in the region by 2022.

Chairman Executive Summary

Al Baida group is chaired by Eng. Ali Bin Abdulatif Al Mesned. A renowned and experienced business entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in various positions that makes him one among the high- rank decision makers in the State of Qatar.

For the academic records, He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and pursued his higher education in Engineering Management, both from the United States. He has fluent verbiage in English and upholds Arabic as his native language.

Mr. Chairman, as per the past records, has held prominent designations—, Chairman and President of various reputed organizations such as Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Permanent Transport Committee (Headed by Ministry of Transportation), Qatar National Taxes Committee, German Arab Chamber of Commerce, French Arab Chamber of Commerce and Gulf Warehousing Company, etc and he is the President of Qatar Association of Freight and Logistics (FIATA).

Who We Are

 Al Baida Group Is your trusted partner In Qatar.

One of the leading business conglomerates in the state of Qatar. Established in 1970, Albaida Group has built and maintained a group of companies encompassing various commercial sectors ranging from infrastructure projects of FMCG trading.

With the perfect alignment of Qatar vision of becoming an international business hub, we’re committed to creating value to full potential for you, with the aid of our unique integrated business model, efficient infrastructure and flexible innovative solutions.

What We Do

We deliver Business Excellence Across the globe.

Al Baida business model is an intelligent architect that allows its business partners to expand and develop their business in the region.

Taking a deep delve into our company culture, we’re completely focused to create, through Specialized Local Knowhow, cost savings, brand building, sales results and a methodology that offers transparency and predictability.

Mission & Vision

Al Baida Group is a business leader with a mission and diversified business interests covering various business sectors. Our mission is to set up the greatest consumer-centric business hub at Qatar to pursue alliances, acquisitions that will further build the group’s business strength

We equally want to provide a stimulating work environment that supports personal growth, individual’s contribution and teamwork for establishing a better work culture.

 With all the strategic planning, we aspire to climb to a premier a leading position in our market.

As such, we have a mission to become a market leader in areas like:

  • General Contracting & Constructions
  • Infrastructure & Projects Development
  • Green Feeding Projects
  • Facility Management
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Heavy lifting & Engineering
  • Real estate & Properties
  • Business Management & Consultancy
  • Media Advertising and Events Management
  • Agencies & Representation
  • Human Resources Management & Outsourcing (SAP &GRC)
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding, Shipping &Customs Clearance


We have the vision to form a conglomerate group in Qatar, with a trusted partner by being world –class in all we do

Our strategic methodology in achieving our goals has undergone rigorous planning in the hands of a few highly competent people. We would let you have a brief road map.

  • With the aid of our unique combination of market expertise, business understanding, and client relationship, we would tap into all major sectors, thereby providing value to the customers
  • We intend to spread our global network to grow and consolidate our reputation within all our markets.


  • Enhance trust
  • Embrace expertise
  • Deliver Results

Company History

Being one of the leading business conglomerate in the entire state of Qatar, Al Baida Group found its origin in 1970.

Since then, Albaida Group has been consistent with building and maintaining a group of companies over various commercial sectors ranging from infrastructure projects of FMCG trading.

Currently, Al Baida Group is with 50 % annual growth with the support of over 3200 skilled and unskilled employees

Fortunately, we’re a single point of contact for national and international Clients looking for the right business partner in the State of Qatar who can provide efficient and cost-effective services and solutions for achieving their corporate goals.

We have been a completely customer-centric company with an extensive range of services covering several business channels from Engineering Consultancy Construction, Heavy Equipment Rental, Logistics, Freight forwarding, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Customs Clearance.

Along with that, we promote a few other Companies as a part of the provisions of our strategic partnership norms. Here’s a brief mention:

  • Sepam – Qatar
  • Al Ghanim
  • International – Qatar
  • Consulgal
  • IDI
  • Von Jen Appens
  • Eneida
  • Efacec
  • Grupo Cabelte
  • Lotte

Our track record of executor provisions has attained its pinnacle with adherence to the highest global standards of deal management, the broadest regional footprint and a globally experienced team of professionals, we’ve been providing unmatched ability to assist clients in achieving success in the region.

In the current scenario, we’ve more prospectus projects in hand. With the project, we are much sure to be able to build a better future for our nation and pursue genuine and feasible opportunities for the people of the state of Qatar.

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