Al Baida Group Overview​

Al Baida Group is 100% national private capital that reveals the aims of Al Baida Group on its continual improvement and growth. Al Baida Group entertains vast experience, unique business model and industrial diversified sectors. Al Baida Group enriches its clients with sustainable growth and investment since 1970s. 

Al Baida Group reputation is measured by its performance and customer satisfaction through various commercial sectors that ranging from infrastructure projects to FMCG trading, therefore Al Baida Group core responsibility is to add value to any venture and business contribution.

Chairman Message

With more than forty years of business entrepreneurship of trust and honor, Al Mesned International holding became a stepping stone in the industry and sectors that are involved within the areas of Engineering, construction, management consultancy, real estate, logistics, transportation, trading and more. The intention is to extend our services across the region forming new alliances and coalitions locally and internationally.

One of Al Mesned’s missions is to honor Qatar’s vision in becoming a business hub in the world and meet the 2022 milestone of hosting the World Cup and contribute to the development of the country. Our vision is to be the unique domain that operates with best practice, efficiency and quality offered with creative solution and satisfaction while maintaining sustainable growth.

Al Mesned International holding will always be committed to honor its people and ipartners with a healthy working environment and business relations. We believe that value is the key to growth, virtue is the key to succeed and capability is the key to lead in which we offer it all in our holding group to our strategic partners and alliances. Therefore we urge those organizations that find themselves capable of being part of our group holding please do not hesitate to get in touch with our headquarter office.

Finally I wish to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of Group Holding and its Management Team, my deepest gratitude to all our alliances and stakeholders, for the patronage and continuous support in building the success of our group companies. We look forward to continue being of service to you in the coming future and be your first choice in business.

Ali Al Mesned

Chairman Executive Summary

Eng. Ali Bin Abdulatif Al Mesned, is a high profile business entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in various positions that has made him one among the high- rank decision makers in the State of Qatar.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and pursued his higher education in Engineering Management, both from the United States. He is fluent in English and upholds Arabic as his native language.

Eng. Ali Al Mesned has held seat in designations of Board members, Chairman and President of various reputed organizations such as Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Permanent Transport Committee (Headed by Ministry of Transportation), Qatar National Taxes Committee, German Arab Chamber of Commerce, French Arab Chamber of Commerce and Gulf Warehousing Company, etc and he is the President of Qatar Association of Freight and Logistics (FIATA).

Who We Are

Al-Mesned International Holding is a company that operates globally and has it’s headquarters based in Doha, State of Qatar. The holding originated from initiating group of companies that serve different sectors in the industries of Qatar. We focus on bringing more customer satisfaction and reaching out to various sectors of business. We have a set of well established divisions that incorporate within the business culture and environment that was initialized years ago.

We are proud to say that, Al-Mesned International Holding is one among the most sought after companies in Qatar and is aiming high to reach even higher standards.

What We Do

Al-Mesned International Holding is an International holding company that operates globally and it’s headquarter is based in Doha, State of Qatar. Our business investments are in the field of engineering, construction, infrastructure, media, sports industry, advertising and events management, real estate, transportation, heavy lifting & logistics, procurement and supply chain, freight forwarding, shipping & customs clearance, commodity trading and much more.

We sell quality with a promise and that is one of the major reasons why we were able to expand into various sectors. We believe in implementing and putting to practice the positives we acquire and improve on a daily basis. We do not compromise on time and quality which has helped our company to reach further heights throughout the years.

Mission & Vision


We are in business to invest and expand our entrepreneurial relationship in different business fields as such engineering, construction, infrastructure, management consultancy, real estate, transportation, marine, retails, trading and much more. We aim to maintain the primary leading market share and globally positioning. Our performance is based on business ethics, integrity and stakeholder’s fulfillment, with an assurance to stimulating a healthy working environment and teamwork contribution.


We aim to be internationally recognized as a unique domain that operates with the best practice, efficiency and quality at all provided services to our coalitions, partners and stakeholders with creative solutions and satisfaction while maintaining sustainable growth. In addition we will pursue strategic and capable alliances that will add value and strength the group holding companies.



  • Understanding
  • Dedicated attention
  • Long terms relationship


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Continual improvement
  • Open mind & Risk based thinking


  • Reliance & Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Quality & Safety tolerance
  • Environmental forecast


  • People respect & Understanding
  • Team work
  • Develop & Improve
  • Commitment & Support
  • Creative solution & Open mind
  • Responsibility & Dedication

Company History

AL Mesned Intentional Holding is a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems that is recognized as a business leader in state of Qatar. AL Mesned’s reputation is rooted back since 1970s, through different companies’ establishment such as contracting and infrastructure that marked with grade –A among its competitors, logistics, real estate, retail, consumer goods, investments, marine services and wide range of investment in products and services.

AL Mesned International Holding has an elevated status and positioning with other diversified portfolio of companies that offering value to the Qatar, GCC and Global markets and strengthens the Holding in becoming internationally recognized.

AL Mesned International Holding s considered as being an icon in state of Qatar through its affiliates and group of companies in the development of State of Qatar. The history AL Mesned International Holding is not limited affluence to state of Qatar in the past but with exceptional local insights, global outlook and experienced management team can continually add creativity and value in the coming future, serving humanity and the good well of people locally and globally.

In today’s development, AL Mesned International Holding is committed to Qatar’s 2030 national vision on its economic, social, human and environmental development. AL Mesned International Holding will continue building better future to its nation and pursuing genuine and feasible opportunities for the people of state of Qatar.

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